Wednesday, March 11, 2009 Agrigento to Taormina

Today we left Agrigento and stopped at Villa Romana along the way to Taormina. Villa Romana is this amazing archeologic dig which has uncovered a fabulous Roman villa. There are tons of mosaic floor tiles. Unfortunately my pictures did not come out so well although I may post one before I work on fixing them up.

From there we traveled on to Taormina. Up, up the squiggly road John drove and then parked in an incredibly tiny parking spot with maybe a couple of inches on each side. Wow, John has really gotten good at the driving here. He’s also a stick shift pro now.

Our hotel, Villa Ducale, is high on the cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea. The hotel staff are really nice and greeted us with a glass of prosecco and have catered to our every whim. It seems like everyone here is from the Bay Area and have been reading TripAdvisor. We had drinks out on the patio and played travel one-upmanship with a couple on the balcony. They opened with a site in Sicily, we saw their site and raised them an overall Italy, they saw this and raised a Spain and then in what they thought was a coup brought in their big guns of an India. We countered with an Istanbul. I think it was a draw.

It started raining and we opted for dinner in our room. It was pretty good and we didn’t get wet.

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