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Here I am at planning central, trying to organize my thoughts for the upcoming cross country trip. See, the whole idea is to land in Boston on the anniversary date. But there are so many variables! We are visiting my sister before we get to Boston. So work into the equation that they won’t be home such and such dates. Then we want to see say, the Money Museum in Colorado Springs. They are only open Tuesday thru Saturday. So it’s tricky.

Put on top of this that we will be in tornado land (but we do want to see Dorothy and Toto in Liberal, KS)and the weather news for the mid-section of the country has been so bad. Maybe we just want to travel through Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky as fast as possible.

I have found a helpful travel site especially if you want to see a fence made out of bowling balls or a 51 foot Indian chief. Check out Roadside America for all the weird stuff near you.

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