Welcome to Missouri

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Show-me where there’s a grocery store

It’s getting later in the afternoon and John and I decide to stop in Joplin, MO for the night. (And, yay, third new state!) We are thinking that another hunk o’beef and a browning iceberg lettuce salad just isn’t what we are craving tonight. So we decided to eat in the room at the very nice Residence Inn. But can we find a reasonable supermarket? No. We travel at least 5 miles away from the hotel and all there is is a shut-down Smitty’s, two bottom feeders, Food4Less and Dirt Cheap Food (or something like that) and a Walmart. The city seems mostly boarded up. It’s pretty depressing. Finding some meager groceries at Food4Less, we fix pasta in the room and look forward to getting out of Joplin tomorrow.

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