Smart birds

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Bird brains

This bird feeder in Peg and Ted’s backyard has been an endless source of entertainment. The feeder is set so that heavier birds such as grackles will shut the device. Only little birds such as cardinals are light enough to keep the feeding station open. Squirrels also lose out. But this does not keep the grackles from trying. They seem very intelligent and share their knowledge with one another. They’ve figured out that two of them can’t get on the perch at the same time. They’ve also figured if they sit way up close to the feeder on the side of the perch (see picture) that sometimes the feeder will stay open. Most interestingly, they’ve also figured out that if they flap their wings while sort of perching, they can keep the feeder open. They take turns doing this.

The rest of the day today was spent fetching my cell phone that I lost yesterday, getting pedicures, buying groceries, packing, and having munchies and wine (as well as dinner.)

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