Monmouth Battlefield State Park

There’s something poignant about a battlefield regardless of how long ago the war was fought. This park is just down the road from the Perrineville Church. I wondered if William Clark’s father fought here.

[This was the last time the main armies battled one another during the Revolution.  It was essentially a draw.  The British, having decided to abandon Philadelphia for fear of a French blockade, did what they had to do and got their troops and supplies back to New York, while the Americans learned they could actually fight.  The real lesson learned, though, IMHO, was that fighting a major battle was a bad idea for the Americans.  One American general, Nathanael Greene, learned this lesson and proceeded to conduct the subsequent hit-and-run campaign in the Carolinas so effectively that he ultimately forced the British under Cornwallis to retreat to Yorktown where the they ultimately surrendered.  –John]

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