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New England fare

After finishing up in Newport, John drove on to Hyannis, MA. He’s been doing all the driving lately because the bridges are really high and numerous around here. The Pell Bridge leading into Newport is really, really high and rates on the Maryscarymeter up there with the Bay Bridge leading into Annapolis, MD. (Top bridge is the one going into Charleston, SC)

Since it is our anniversary eve we wanted to have a nice dinner eating something that is traditional to New England. We went to the Roadhouse Cafe in Hyannis and had baked scrod with a cracker crumb topping, baked potato and veg. We started with a beef carpaccio. We each had a glass of champagne to start with and shared a bottle of Steele chardonnay. It was all really yummy. The fish was just so buttery and gelatinous. Yay for cold water fish! We got a complimentary dessert to celebrate our anniversary and the whole dinner (except for the foil wrapped potato) was a great success!

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