What I will never buy


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We have been watching Wimbledon over the past two weeks. Seeing as how Roger Federer is my new Johnny Depp, I am an unabashed fan. However since we are on the road and do not have a TiVo to record the matches, we have to watch the commercials over and over and over and over again. Somebody needs to come up with a traveling TiVo so one can record programs in motel rooms. (I am not interested in watching on my tiny computer screen.)

So here are a few things I will never buy having watched their commercials ad nauseum: any investment from ING ( the reason my “number for retirement” is under stress is because of investment houses!), Miller Lite with lime, Progressive Insurance (I can’t stand the woman with too much lipstick), DirecTV with their “blamestorming”, TimeWarner cable business class (have they slowed down regular internet service so you have to buy a premium service?), Travellers Insurance with their stupid umbrella, going to online college in my pajamas and ZooYork which has an icky commercial with squashed roaches. I also do not like the caveman series of GEICO although I do like the gecko.

Just sayin’.

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