August 1, 2009 St. George, UT

Not PC

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Happy August Fool’s Day!

We’ve been hanging out here in St. George for several days. We were pretty tired out from the trip and needed some down time before the final push to get back to California. And besides St. George in the summer is so fun!

The temperature during the day has been between 103 and 106 cooling off to a balmy 78-80 over night. We have been getting up at 5:45 AM so that we can play tennis before it gets above 80. It makes for a very long day.

We got the car washed and I was compelled to take a picture of the window coverings business across the street from the carwash. What were they thinking with that logo? I guess they must have decided that the people they were offending couldn’t see it.

Our other big activity is trying to eat our minimum at the club here. Every quarter we are supposed to spend $175 in food at the club. This does not include alcohol, tax or tip. When you are only here for five days in a quarter, eating that much at a restaurant that is only open four days a week is tough. So far we are up to about $85. I don’t think we are going to make it to $175. This is the last day the restaurant is open before we leave for home. If only they included wine, we’d be set. But, no, this is Utah.

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