January 13, 2010 Scallops

Yummy scallops

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Another picture of food – you know what that means. It is still so, so cold here in Marco Island. Although we are hardy Californians and did play tennis last night (brr) and tennis this morning (double brr), it’s hard to work up a lot of enthusiasm for being outside.

Today in addition to playing women’s doubles from 8AM to 10 AM when it was reeeeaalllyyyy cold, we also stopped at the Marco Island Farmer’s Market. I was the only one there in tennis togs. Everyone else there had on parkas. We bought some Brussels sprouts, half-sour pickles, corn, mushrooms, beets, and pretzel rolls. Oh, yum. pretzel rolls. When we are at home I get them at Esther’s German Bakery in the San Antonio Shopping Center in either Palo Alto or Mountain View. I am sorry to say they were not as good here in Marco Island. They had some off aftertaste.

Earlier we had stopped for scallops at Paradise Seafood Market. Then when we saw the corn we thought, seared scallops with corn, mushrooms and shallots. It was all quite wonderful. John cooked the scallops perfectly, seared nicely and just cooked through inside. The corn mixture was quite delicious and the green beans were lovely. Another great dinner!

Truthfully though, I’d rather be sitting by the pool and paddling about after a vigorous game ot tennis. Cooking is fun but good weather would be pretty fun too.

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