May 18, 2010 Springdale, UT

Worthington Gallery

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After totally overdoing it yesterday playing tennis for too long in the heat, we decided to have a quieter day today. But not a day doing nothing. After a leisurely early morning breakfast and sudoku, we headed off to the Utah Motor Vehicle offices to get our new registration. I know this doesn’t sound newsworthy but I would say that from the time we walked in the door until the time we left couldn’t have been more than about two minutes. Amazing! From there we headed off to Springdale (Gateway to Zion National Park) to shop at Worthington Gallery. Oh, so many things to buy! Ooh, salad plates that match our set! Wow, look at the fabulous bowl! It will go great in our kitchen in Pleasanton. We actually went there for a present for our German friends who are putting us up for a couple of days this summer. However, we did manage to acquire several other things for ourselves.

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