May 21, 2010 St. George, UT

View from Entrada clubhouse

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Spending the Minimum

This is a picture of the view from the Entrada clubhouse window. The window makes it look a little hazy. Anyway, the view is always great but the food at the restaurant is decidedly not. However, we have to eat the minimum which is $175 a quarter. That’s a lot of bad food. Our three forays into the restaurant have been two lunches and a dinner. The first lunch consisted of salads with grilled shrimp. My salad greens had seen better days and the shrimp on both of our salads was not freshly grilled. It was over-grilled to rubberyness at some point but not when we ordered it. Our second lunch was better. I had a Philly cheesesteak with fries and John had fish and chips. The sandwich was very bland. John’s fish was good. But the fries seemed to have been fried sometime earlier in the day. Perhaps for the big event downstairs? We sent them back and got some fresh ones. Lastly the dinner where I had a filet of beef and John had veal made me sick. We haven’t spent the entire minimum, and we are not going to.

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