July 10, 2010 Evening, Stockholm

The perp

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So to wrap up a busy day, we all went to Kungsholmen for dinner. although Karen didn’t eat much of anything at least she felt well enough to accompany us. Kungsholmen is a bunch of restaurants on the water and seems to be a happening place for young people. We tried skagan toast with shrimp which was like shrimp salad served open faced. That was enough for me so Karen and I watched George and John eat for the rest of the meal.

The highlight, or rather lowlight, of the evening was when the bartender pictured here spilled a strawberry daiquiri all over John. I thought John was going to explode. He was covered in sticky pink drink and now his better outfit of the trip is going to have to be cleaned when we get on the ship. We promised the bartender that he would be appearing on the Internet as incompetent bartender of Stockholm.

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