August 22, 2010 Palo Alto, CA

Now that we are back from our big trip, there is a lot of catching up to do. For the past three Sundays we’ve been visiting with the kids and grandkids. Ryan and Jon have moved into their new house. It is really nice. Although it has less square footage than their previous house, it doesn’t feel that way at all. The space they have is laid out better and more usably. Plus the rooms have really large windows which gives everything a light and airy feel. I know that Jon loves his new, much bigger kitchen. More room for making new masterpieces! Ryan has been busy hanging all their artwork. Not only do they have art that they’ve made themselves but also art from Asia which her grandmother collected. Their new house is really coming together nicely.

Ryan & Jon in new kitchen
Ryan and Jon in their new kitchen

Downstairs there is a nice guest room and a playroom for Nathan as well as the garage. He keeps many of his trucks and all his Legos down there. It’s good for him to have his private space where he can play especially with toys that have small pieces. He has his road mats on the floor for his trucks and a little castle clubhouse. It all looks like a good place for lots of imagination. There’s also a park not too far away where there are lots of kids to play with. Nathan has started 5-day a week preschool and goes for extended hours since Ryan has gone back to work. It seems to be working well for him since he is a very gregarious fellow.

Nathan, August, 2010
Nathan, August, 2010

On the middle floor is the main living area, a very large great room encompassing the living and dining areas, the kitchen and the children’s suite. Nathan and Sam are sharing a large room and have their own bathroom. Sam has lots of toys in their room and also in the great room. On the third level is the master suite.

Sam, August, 2010
Sam, August, 2010

One of the Sundays Sarah and I went to get our hair cut and colored. It is always an enjoyable outing with her. After stopping at Ryan and Jon’s, where Sarah got a lot of hugs from Sam, we went out to dinner at Zeni’s, our favorite Ethiopian restaurant. John joined us along with Sarah’s roomies, Mark and Mark.

Veg Combo
(I snagged this picture of the veggie combo off anandmirji’s flickr account.)

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