December 27, 2010 Segovia, Spain

Today we have a problem. John has eaten something at breakfast (he thinks chorizo) that has made him violently ill. This occurs when we are partway into the four hour drive to Segovia. Fortunately, it is closer to the end of the drive. John being sick is a bad thing. Bad for him. Bad for us. He is the only one who can drive the manual transmission car. He is so brave continuing on to the hotel in Segovia after being so sick. He is spending the rest of today in bed. We hope he is better soon.

In the meantime, after getting John tucked away, Sarah and I go out to explore the old city and get some lunch. One of the big attractions here is the Roman aqueduct.

Sarah and the aqueduct
Our hotel is right outside the pedestrian zone of the old city. It is really good that everything is within walking distance. The aqueduct is amazing. It was built by the Romans in the first century A.D. It transports water from the mountains and is about 9.5 miles long. At it’s tallest it is about 93 feet high. It is formed of single and double arches and is made of granite that is fitted together. There is no mortar. And it was still in use until recently. It is an engineering marvel.

Sarah and I will marvel some more later. First we go to tourist information. We get a map in English with some high points to see. Sarah and I are not good map readers. We twist it this way and that but finally after only one mistake are on our way to visit the cathedral.

The cathedral is situated on a pleasant square and we decide to stop for some lunch. Only a ham and cheese sandwich today!

Enjoying some sun in the cathedral plaza
Oh, and a beer.

Then on to the cathedral which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and various important Segovian saints.

Segovia cathedral
Sarah and I enjoy roaming around the cathedral immensely. I have my cheat sheet of saints and their attributes with me so we walk around identifying various statues and paintings. Our favorite is Saint Anthony Abbot who is often pictured with a little pig. (The pig is actually the embodiment of the devil tempting him but he usually looks pretty cute.)

St. Anthony Abbot with his pig
See the pig? It’s down by his feet.

After a thorough investigation of the cathedral, we walk through the old Jewish section. We stop to look at a menu of a restaurant there. Hmmm, shellfish and ham. Not too kosher. There doesn’t really appear to be anything left of the Jewish quarter.

Now back to the aqueduct. Sarah wants to climb the stairs to the top to take some pictures. I am too tired and wait for her return.


For dinner Sarah and I go out to a restaurant near the cathedral. She and I are pretty fooded out. She has soup and pasta and I have salad and pasta. We are done before 11 PM! When I come back John is feeling better although still weak from his digestive revolt.

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