May 8, 2011 Mother’s Day Hike

Since we are not yet celebrating Mother’s Day with the family due to our being in Utah, John and I go hiking in the Kolob section of Zion NP. We’ve done the Northgate Peaks Trail before, a long time ago. It is not too strenuous which is good because we have not been hiking recently.

John at the trailhead

Hmmm...which way to go?

Due to the high elevation, it is still very early spring here. The ground is covered by beautiful early spring flowers.
Early spring flowers

We cross several small streams made possible by the runoff from the snow. Unfortunately as we approach the rim of the canyon it is getting windier and windier.
Windy Northgate Peaks Trail

We have brought along our peanut butter and jelly lunch and hunker down at the canyon edge for a little relaxation and sustenance. The view is incredible.
John at Northgate peaks

After our hike what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than a stop at Worthington Gallery to choose a beautiful Mother’s Day present!
Worthington Gallery

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