July 16, 2011 Tropic, UT

I’ve taken some flack about not enjoying the “camping experience” even though I’ve never camped. Well, I thought I’d show what I think is about as close to camping as I want to come. My idea of vacation is not to rough it. I’m willing to give up a king bed for a queen now and then but, obviously, the internet is a must. I’m willing to cook some meals. But no bugs. No tent. No outside bathroom. So here are some pictures from our “roughing it” experience.

Our cabin at Bryce Country Cabins

First night, John grills steak.

Basic small kitchen


We’ve tried to book places that give us the opportunity to make our own meals. When I used to work for Weight Watchers, I always told my members that it is best not to take a vacation for more than a week. Why? It may be possible to stick to your food plan for a week but after a week it becomes more and more difficult. So cooking our own food most of the time is a must.

Our plan for today is to go to Bryce Canyon NP and take a hike in Fairyland Canyon. But we are really tired out from yesterday and decide just to have out picnic lunch at Fairyland Canyon and then take a look at Bryce Point.

Mary and John at Bryce

Fairyland Canyon

The air is thin here.

John at Bryce Point

We walk around, do some shopping and decide that the best thing for us to do is have a little lie-down. Later John, with my assistance, makes an awesome lentil stew with turkey sausage on our tiny cooktop. Ah, camping!
John at work in the kitchen

Lentil stew

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