July 24, 2011 Alamosa, CO to Denver, CO

Today, since I don’t have enough just John and me pictures, everybody gets the Clark and Lewis treatment. This is an example of the letter that I send every day to our grandsons, Nathan and Sam. For clarification, I am Beeba and John is Zayde and Clark is the frog and Lewis is the duck.

The Adventures of Clark and Lewis – Chapter 13

Beeba and Zayde got Clark and Lewis up early today. They had about 4 hours worth of driving to do and wanted to get to Denver with enough time to see the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. They arrived at the museum around 1 o’clock.

“Clark, I am so hungry. First we have to drive and drive and drive. When we finally get to the museum Zayde can’t find a parking space so more driving except this time in the parking garage. And now we have to stand in line for tickets!! My tummy is eating itself!” exclaimed Lewis.

“Chill, Lewis,” remarked Clark. “There’s not a single thing we can do about it. So just be patient.”

“I’m going to start quacking really loudly any minute!” threatened Lewis.

Too long a wait in line for Clark and Lewis

The first thing that they did after getting their tickets was go to the T. Rex Cafe for lunch.

“Tofu! And hummus?! And vegetables!!!! We’re a frog and a duck, not vegetarians,” complained Lewis.

“I agree with you, Lewis, “said Clark, “but I looked and there are no entrees that include bugs so we’ll just have to be satisfied.”

Eat your veggies!

After lunch they started exploring the museum. Clark and Lewis wanted to see the exhibitions about animals.

“Look, Clark,” said Lewis proudly, “That bird is a symbol of the United States and he’s related to me.”

“I’m just glad that they didn’t make a duck the symbol of the United States,” retorted Clark. “That would have been silly.”

“Better than a frog,” muttered Lewis.

Lewis's bald relative

On the way out of the exhibit, there were wooden seats in the shape of llamas.

“Zayde, sit on the llama!” Clark and Lewis shouted.

“Okay, okay,” laughed Zayde. It was funny to him because his nickname used to be “llama” a long time ago.

“Now that I’ve had my picture taken on the llama, you guys stick your heads through the picture of the elephant and the orangutan. We’ll have a picture of a froggy elephant and a ducky orangutan, ” said Zayde.

Llama, llama

Clark the elephant and Lewis the orangutan

Next they went to space section and to the planetarium. They saw a show about Black Holes. It was very dark in the theater and both Clark and Lewis wanted to sit on Zayde’s lap. Beeba took a picture of the three of them but since it was dark, it didn’t come out.

Finally they saw the section on dinosaurs and early mammals.

“Look at those dinosaurs, Lewis,” said Clark. “it looks like they are roughhousing just like we do!”

Horned dinosaurs

“And look at these fossils,” exclaimed Lewis, “It looks like a mom dinosaur and her little boy!”
Mommy dinosaur sharing lunch with her child

Needless to say it was a big day for everyone. By the time they got to the hotel, Clark and Lewis were really tired. But they still were excited about all the things they had seen and spent a little while talking about their adventures before they fell asleep.
Pillow talk

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