July 30, 2011 Kansas City, MO

Once we crossed the Rockies we knew we were in for it – humidity. It’s the natural state of things in most of the United States. But if you are not used to it, and maybe even if you are, it is debilitating. This morning we play tennis again. As the diet starts to slide a bit, it’s important to keep the activity up. The humidity is like a thick blanket around us. At one point I notice raindrops on the court but it is so humid that we don’t feel it fall. Weird.

One of the best parts of the day is when we have a Skype session with Nathan and Sam. Or rather Clark and Lewis have a Skype session with them. Nathan is so excited to talk to Clark. He tells Clark that he wants to take him to Santa Cruz to go on the rides. Clark is not so sure. Maybe it will be scary. Nathan promises that he will only take him on the children’s rides and that the ride on the big truck will be perfect – the truck doesn’t go fast. Now all this conversation is going on with me holding Clark, the stuffed frog. I am talking in my normal voice that Nathan would recognize as belonging to Beeba. And yet he is totally communicating with Clark. I think it was the best Skype we’ve ever had. Hopefully we can connect again next weekend.

Then we go off to the National World War I museum here in Kansas City. Dedicated in 1924 and restored in the late 90’s, it’s an interesting art deco building.

National World War I Museum

Inside we see a couple of movies explaining the reasons for the war and the conditions under which it was fought. It is very insightful and we learn a lot. The whole place is somber. The loss of life in this war is incredible. The trench warfare is horrendous. The final outcome just seems to set the stage for World War II.
Interactive display at the National World War I Museum

It’s now about 3 p.m. and we haven’t eaten since breakfast. Today is our big splurge – lunch at Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue. We share some ribs, beans and pickles. Wow, is it delicious!
Can you smell the barbecue?

No frills, just order at the window

Lewis is stuffed and Clark loves the sauce!

We have a quiet last night in Kansas City. No dinner tonight due to the massive lunch. We mosey on down to the bar, people watch and have a glass of wine later in the evening.
I'm a girl who likes a bar!

On to Springfield, Illinois tomorrow!

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