November 3, 2011 Lecce to Cosenza

I don’t have too much to write about today since mostly we just drive from Lecce in Puglia to Cosenza, Calabria. We do, however, make one stop in Metaponto. Metaponto was founded by the Greeks in the 7th century B.C. There is an archeological site where we view the ruins of this former Greek town. There is not too much left since over the ages the site has been plundered again and again for building materials and the marble has been burnt in the Middle Ages to make mortar.

Metaponto archeological site

John by Doric capitals

Old Greek site, old American Mary

Metaponto is also where Pythagoras spent his last days. We search around trying to find his burial site but are unable to do so.

We stay at the Holiday Inn in Cosenza. Basically we are here just for staying overnight. We eat at the hotel restaurant. I am having more and more trouble finding good choices to make. I am also less and less inclined to stay rigidly in control. Sigh.

Trofie pasta with sausage and hot peppers

An amazingly delicious trofie pasta with walnut pesto

Tomorrow we take the ferry across the strait of Messina to Sicily.

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