February 5, 2012 Super Bowl Sunday

Peg and Ted have a really, really big TV so their house is the perfect place to watch the Super Bowl. Peg and Ted had wanted the Ravens to be in the Super Bowl and we had wanted the Forty-Niners so we are all a little bummed. But they are rooting for the Giants since they used to live in the NY Metropolitan Area and we are rooting for the Patriots since we used to live in Massachusetts. It’s good to have a rivalry. We fill the first glass of wine and wait for the game to begin.

Let the game begin!

Of course, as usual, we make way too much food and drink way too much wine. The picture only shows part of the munchies. At half-time Peg makes pigs in blankets and meatballs.

Super Bowl spread

Well, some team had to win and the other had to lose. Since John and I aren’t big football fans, we really didn’t care much who won. It made Peggy happy though, so I am glad the Giants won.

Clark and Lewis celebrate at the end of the game

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