March 15, 2012 Indian Wells, CA BNP Paribas Open Part III

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Today we are going to the Djokovich v. Almagro match. This is followed by Sharapova v. Kirilenko which we are hoping to miss. After that is a doubles match between a Polish team and Nadal and Lopez. We have a nice lunch at a restaurant near the Tennis Garden and then head over.

The Djokovich/Almagro match is not much of a contest. Almagro’s plan seems to be hit the ball hard and if that doesn’t work, hit the ball harder. Unfortunately, not enough of the hard balls go in and he loses in straight sets.

Novak Djokovich about to hit his serve

Almagro serving

Now it is time for the women’s match that we have no interest in. We decide to walk around the grounds and try to find some Roger Federer logowear. The stores are pretty crowded since a lot of people do not wish to listen to women shriek for hours. I find some hats and shirts but everything is really expensive. $74 for a tennis top. I don’t think so. I settle on a cap and have John take my picture.

Go, Roger!!!!!!!

Then John tries the “How fast is your serve?” booth. For some reason his first couple of serves don’t register. The slower last one does and it is 75 miles per hour. It’s too bad the first ones didn’t register because they were much faster. Maybe he is too tall. He probably needed to stand back further than shorter people.
John serving

Next we wander over to the practice courts and find Rafael Nadal practicing with his doubles partner whom we always refer to as Little Lopez. I enjoy having my picture taken with my Roger hat on.

Mary in Federer gear at Nadal's practice

So we’ve used up more than an hour and hope as we head back to our seats that the Sharapova/Kirilenko match will soon be over. But it is not to be. Women just don’t seem to be able to close out their matches. It took over three hours for them to shriek their way to Sharapova’s victory.

Still in the second set of three

Finally we get to the match that we want to see, Matkowski and Fyrstenberg v. Nadal and Lopez. The Polish team are seeded here but Nadal and Lopez are the defending champions. It is no contest. Nadal and Lopez crush the other team.
The coin toss is almost the only thing that the Polish team won

Matkowski and Fyrstenberg

Nadal and Lopez

Tomorrow should be a good day – Federer v. del Potro and Nadal v. Nalbandian

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