April 11, 2012 Passover celebration

Our Passover seder is moved to the earliest day during Passover that we can all get together. John and I bring most of the fixings from our house to Ryan and Jon’s house. We arrive mid-afternoon and get the food going and the table set. Now all we need is people.

Passover table set

Jon and the boys arrive home and Ryan follows soon afterward. Nathan is so excited about hiding the afikoman. He has told Sam that the way it works is that Zayde gives you a weird tortilla to hide and then later when Zayde can’t find it, he rewards you by giving you a truck in exchange. Nathan suggests that Sam distract Zayde so Nathan can swipe the afikoman. Sam does not have a clue but plays along.

John, Nathan, Ryan, Sam and Jonathan at the seder table

Sam and Nathan are great participants. They enjoy making drops of grape juice. Sam picks up the chorus of Dayenu by the second verse. Nathan is a great helper with washing hands.

Nathan helps Sam wash his hands

Sam and Ryan enjoying the festival meal

We do a shortened version so the boys can stay up for it. The afikoman is found. Presents are distributed and dessert is eaten. Some special treats this year were desserts made by Sarah and Ryan plus Ryan’s fabulous homemade matzoh.

Macaroons and chocolate bark made by Sarah and Ryan

What a great family celebration!

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