April 27, 2012 Cesky Krumlow and Budweis, CZ

Today is a light sightseeing day, really more of a travel day with a couple of look-arounds. The road out of Prague turns into a highway and we are thinking that we will be to our destination in no time. But as it turns out, the road narrows down to two lanes with lots of heavy trucks lumbering up the hills. We reach Cesky Krumlow well after noon.

Cesky Krumlow is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s medieval buildings with castle and 14th century cathedral are very picturesque. The town being situated on a neck of land is easily defensible. We wander around.

View of Cesky Krumlow

We stop at Pension Nina for lunch. How do people eat like this and not turn into Pillsbury Doughpeople? Because that’s what is happening to us! We wash down our enormous lunch with the local brew. Make mine a Budvar!

Mary and John drink the real Budweis beer
Duck with red cabbage and Bohemian dumplings

Goulash with gravy and bread dumplings

Sarah has the most unusual dish. It is a chicken cutlet, breaded and fried (of course.) Then it has a cream gravy topped by whipped cream. She says it is tasty but all I can say is, EW!

Chicken cutlet with cream dill gravy and whipped cream

Needless to say, after lunch we are dragging. We move on to Budweis and John and I need a little rest. By 4:30 Sarah is ready to be on the move again so she and I explore Budweis old town. We visit the church and have fun identifying saints. We take a look at the town hall.

Budweis town hall

By 6:00 John is up and we are ready for cocktail time. I cannot drink more beer and opt for white wine. We peruse the dinner menu. On the page for sides there are a lot of potatoes – steak fries, French fries, mashed potatoes, rosti potatoes, potato pancakes, boiled potatoes, roast potatoes with garlic and roast potatoes with dill and sour cream.

Potato menu

Apparently we are able to eat again. Sarah and John have different pork dishes with potato pancakes and I have fish with potato pancakes. So much oil! I take an oath to stop eating like this.

Sarah's smoked ham, sauerkraut and potato pancakes

John's pork cutlet with roasted vegetables

Pikeperch with roasted vegetables and potato pancakes

We spend an enjoyable time lingering after dinner (probably because it was difficult to move) watching the staff try to cope with a busload of Italian tourists. They seem a little harried.

Our plan tomorrow takes us to the concentration camp at Mauthausen and the city of Linz, Austria.

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