March 30 – April 7, 2012 Jonathan visits in St. George

While Ryan, Nathan and Sam go to visit Ryan’s folks in Michigan, Jonathan comes to St. George for a visit with us. We pick him up at St. George’s swanky new airport. The fare from SFO is surprisingly affordable. Perhaps John and I will think about flying some time.

St. George Municipal Airport

Jonathan at the airport with Clark and Lewis

Our main activity for the week is tennis. We play tennis every day. We go to tennis clinic and Jon takes a lesson. It is a very strenuous week. Jon also finds time to play a couple of rounds of golf and we all have fun swimming and playing ping pong. And going out to dinner.

Jon and John at dinner at the club

Mary and John on the porch pre-dinner

One day, as a break from tennis, we take a hike in Snow Canyon. The weather has cooperated and it is sunny although a little chilly. Unfortunately our outdated map leads us in the wrong direction and we never find the canyon overlook. But we all have fun anyway.


Jonathan in Snow Canyon

On our last day in St. George is the first day of Passover. Although our actual seder will be held on April 11 when the whole family can get together, we have a mini-seder and eat some matzoh, parsley, charoses and the world’s hottest horseradish.

John and Jonathan leaning on the left side

On Saturday we leave for Las Vegas and dinner at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon. But that’s another post.

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