June 18, 2012 Sophie and Al come to visit

What can be better than to have your very best friend visit? Nothing!

I meet Sophie at the BART station in Pleasanton and we are so happy to see one another. We hop into the car and ride over to Palo Alto to have lunch with Sarah and Jonathan. They are really happy to see her. They have many happy memories of spending time at her house when they were kids.

Sarah and Sophie

Sarah and Mom

Mary and Sophie

After lunch and some more visiting time Sophie takes the BART back to the city. She and Al have a dinner date with some other friends. The best thing is that I can say to her as she leaves, “See you tomorrow!”

Sophie and Al arrive in Pleasanton in the afternoon. We have a great time catching up on our different lives and hearing about Al’s round of golf at the U.S. Open course the day before. We have a nice dinner and discuss plans for our trip to wine country on Wednesday.

It’s a beautiful day and we start our wine tour at Jacuzzi tasting wine and sipping olive oil.

Sophie and John at the olive oil bar

Sophie and Mary in front of Jacuzzi

After a picnic lunch and some wine tasting at Imagery Winery, we head to Chateau St. Jean and enjoy their lovely porch and view.

John, Al, Mary and Sophie on the porch at Chateau St. Jean

We have dinner that night at La Toque in Napa. The visit has been so nice and so much fun that I am doubly sad to see them leave. Hopefully we will see each other before too long.

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