Out of order – Memorial Day, May 28, 2012

We have the whole family over for a Memorial Day cookout. Nathan and Sam spend part of the time enjoying the toys that we keep at our house.

Jon and Ryan watch Sam play

Nathan playing on the stairs with a Lego car he made

Meanwhile John, Sarah and Leigh discuss plans for the day.

John, Sarah and Leigh

Before we start our festive dinner, the boys, Ryan, Leigh and I work on a star project. I figure I can sneak in some patriotic info during this time. Both Nathan and Sam work hard decorating the stars.

Stand up stars that we made for decorating the table

Then it is time to prepare the food. John is trying out cedar planked salmon for the first time. It comes out really tasting good.

Salmon ready to hit the grill

I make a fennel salad with orange slices and roasted beets.
Fennel, orange and roasted beet salad

Along with grilled asparagus, a pasta salad that Ryan and Jon brought, and a yogurt dill sauce for the salmon, we have a great dinner.

Memorial Day cookout dinner

All too soon it is time for hugs and goodbyes.

Nathan hugs John goodbye

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