September 16, 2012 John’s birthday celebration and Rosh Hashanah

On Saturday, September 15, Jonathan brings Nathan and Sam to our house for a sleepover. Whether we’ve been home or in St. George the boys have always been comfortable about sleeping over. Before supper we play Nathan’s version of tennis and read many chapters of Ozma of Oz. After dinner there is more reading and also some watching of the Muppet’s Show DVD.

After a good night’s sleep we are awakened by little boys telling us to “Get up! Get up!” Since morning is usually a pretty quiet affair at our house we interest the boys in some quiet play. I print up some sudokus for kids and show Nathan how to do them. He does a good job.

Nathan and Beeba work on a sudoku

Nathan and Sam also enjoy playing games on my iPad – sometimes to the point of contention. But today they are happy to coexist peacefully.

Sam watches Nathan play a game on my iPad

Later Sarah and Ryan come over for the birthday dinner and Rosh Hashanah celebration. John opens his cards.

John opens his cards while everyone watches on

Then it is time for dinner. I have made Autumn Soup inspired by the recipe from the Inn at Little Washington. I have also made two round challahs. We have a big salad and apples and honey. Sarah’s contribution is a delicious honey cake. It is a fine birthday celebration and we all look forward to a sweet New Year!

Nathan hungrily eyes the apples and honey

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