September 28, 2012 – Kona, Day 5

Today starts off as it has almost every day, with John and me playing tennis. After a rocky start the first session, we are playing better. Even early in the morning, it is quite warm and very humid and usually after about an hour the rackets start slipping out of our sweaty hands. We finish each session with a dip in the nearby pool which is quite refreshing. John swims about while I paddle around for a few minutes and then sit in the shade.

John and Mary at the tennis court

The rest of the day is filled with shopping for dinner, writing blogs and watching the surf.

Waves crash against the lava rock

At last it is cocktail time and we all assemble on the deck. Since it is important that we use up what we have in the condo, we have another round of margaritas. This is accompanied by chips, guacamole, hummus etc.

Cocktail time on the deck

The sun goes down in a blaze of orange and red.


We troop into the kitchen for dinner preparations. We are having sesame crusted tuna, sliced tomatoes and broccoli tonight. Everybody lends a hand.

Seared tuna with tomatoes and broccoli

After dinner we consider working on our song for the week, the Kinks “I AM AN APEMAN” but as usual one of us falls asleep and we put it off for another night.

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