October 29, 2012 – Jerez and Gibraltar

One of the goals of this trip is to look out from the top of Gibraltar and wave at Africa. Africa, a continent that we have no intention of going to ever. But we would like to gaze upon it from afar. When we wake up in Seville this morning we check the weather for the next few days at Gibraltar. It is not looking good. Today appears to be our best bet in terms of clear weather.

After driving to Jerez and dropping off our luggage, we drive the one and half hours to Gibraltar. As we near “the rock” we are impressed by its enormous size. According to Wikipedia the Rock of Gibraltar is a monolithic promontory. It is a deeply eroded and highly faulted limb of an overturned fold. The sedimentary strata comprising the Rock of Gibraltar are overturned (upside down) with the oldest strata overlying the youngest. The sandy spit of land that connects it to Europe is only 9 feet above sea level while the “Rock” at its highest is 1398 feet. So the difference is striking.

Here are a series of pictures as we approached it.

Gibraltar looming ahead

Getting closer

The buildings at the bottom are high-rise hotels and apartment buildings

Here are a couple of pictures showing where we are going. You can see the cable car stanchions at top.

Cable car stanchions at top

The top of Gibraltar

After a few arguments with each other and Jack, we finally pull into the cable car parking lot and make our way to the ticket booth. Oh, sorry, Americans who have come all the way from California to see this and wave at Africa, too much wind today. Cable car not operating.

Sadly we turn around, fight through all the other tourists at the border crossing back into Spain and drive the hour and a half back to Jerez. It is just not meant to be.

We sit stopped amidst the other tourists waiting to get back into Spain.

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