October 7, 2012 – Sam and Nathan (and Jonathan) come to play

On Sunday we have a quick visit with Jonathan, Nathan and Sam. We are busy with Sarah’s move to her new apartment so we only have the morning and lunchtime to spend together. Later Jon joins us in helping Sarah get her furniture moved into her new place. Yay! We accomplished it without having to rent a truck!

Most of the morning we spend out on the tennis courts. Nathan is getting so he can hit the ball with his racket some of the time. It is a step up from being a ball boy or his pretending to be the net. Sam, Nathan and I play a spirited game of Mother May I? Sam doesn’t quite get the rules but he is an enthusiastic participant and Nathan is very tolerant when Sam takes at least ten baby steps when he is only supposed to take three.

Before we go out to lunch, I present the boys with their gifts from Hawaii. They are delighted with their junior ranger vests. The vests have so many pockets! We discuss what treasures they might put in all those pockets. Nathan declares that he is going to wear his vest every day. Sam pipes up that he will too. I must admit that it is gratifying to see them happy with something I have selected.

Nathan and Sam in their junior ranger vests (the picture is a little blurry because I just got a new camera and am not quite sure what I am doing yet)

For lunch we go to the Main St. Brewery. It’s Jonathan’s favorite place to have lunch in Pleasanton. The restaurant is decked out for Halloween which delights Nathan and Sam. Our server gives the boys a box of toys to play with. There are many dinosaurs and lizards in it. Sam is especially fierce with his lizard.

Sam being fierce with his lizard while Nathan watches

More fierceness!

John is a little less fierce with his pterodactyl

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