May 17, 2013 – Pleasanton, CA

It is over two weeks now since we came home from China. This is the worst jetlag I have ever experienced, ditto for John. We have tried getting out in the sunlight, not napping during the day, and staying awake as long as possible (and sometimes longer.) But none of it seems to work well. Last night I only woke up three times and was able to get back to sleep in a reasonable amount of time. So perhaps things are improving.

Strangely, it seems ages since we were in China. There is always such a disconnect between waking up in one place on the globe and going to bed in a totally other place. I am always thinking, here I am in California getting ready for bed and this morning I got up in Beijing. Amazing. One day I’d like to take a slow trip on a ship across the ocean and let my body gently move into other time zones. Who knows? Perhaps that will be our next great adventure.

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