March 30 – April 7, 2014 – Sam, Nathan, Ryan and Jon visit St. George

We have really been looking forward to the Pilats’ visit. John and I arrive a couple of days ahead of time to get things ready.

John and I drive down to Las Vegas to pick Jon, Sam and Nathan at the airport. Ryan is coming a few days later. Yay, they are here and we get right down to the all important hors d’ouevres. I believe that John and I will always be remembered for cocktail time and snacks!
The all-important cocktail hour
The all-important cocktail hour

Nathan and Sam are good sleepers and have no trouble being in a new place. They wake early each morning full of energy for the day.

One day we spend some time at the park nearby. Nathan has outgrown this little park but he still enjoys a piece of play equipment (I don’t know what to call it) that spins around on a slant. Of course, snacks at the park are always a hit. Actually snacks anywhere are always a hit.

Another day we go over to the club so that Jon and John can play tennis. The boys find interesting ways to amuse themselves.

Last time they were here, they really enjoyed an off-road experience so we decide to do it again to a new location, Bloomington Cave. It is very cold and windy and Jonathan and the boys only manage to go a little way down the trail. Out of the wind, they have their trail mix. Going into the caves themselves is not allowed without a permit.

Times at home are spent playing with Legos, reading and drawing.

Finally Mommy arrives. Nathan and Sam are very excited to see her. The next few days are spent mostly at the city pool with the big slide and going to Zion National Park for a hike. John and I opt out of the pool experience but are keen to go with the whole family to Zion. Our plan is a short stop at the visitor center, then a ride on the bus to the Weeping Wall, hike up the trail and return to the bus for the ride back to the parking lot. All of us enjoy this very much.

Our last big adventure is lunch out at Mesa Grill in Las Vegas before the kids catch their flight home. The food is very good and the company is great!

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