February 22, 2015 – Hookslide performs at Angelica’s

It is a busy weekend for us. In addition to our wine tasting yesterday, we have a Hookslide concert tonight at Angelica’s in Redwood City. We arrive early and get a fine table near the stage. Dinner is a part of the show tonight and we order some so-so food and a couple of glasses of wine.

Of course the best part of the evening is listening to Hookslide. They sing a variety of songs – some oldies, some funk, and even some show tunes which they’ll be singing at their upcoming gala gig in Palm Springs. We enjoy it all and espcially love, as everybody else does, Jon’s beatbox solo.

Hookslide on stage at Angelica's
Hookslide on stage at Angelica’s
Jon performing his beatbox solo
Jon performing his beatbox solo

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