July 21, 2015 – Sarah’s vegetables!

Over a month ago Sarah began growing container vegetables. She has four baskets hanging from the overhead trellis. Each basket contains plants growing both up and down from the containers. From left to right super chiles and Japanese eggplant, basil and cherry tomatoes, thyme and indigo rose tomatoes, and sweet peppers and Casper eggplant.

P1000866 (1024x768)

Today is the first harvest!

P1000865 (1024x768)It is a perfect little indigo rose tomato.

P1000867 (1024x768)P1000868
The flavor of the tomato is both sweet and tart. Perfect! I guess it is not really the first harvest since we have used the basil and thyme but the tomato is very exciting. There’s also a five inch white Casper eggplant that if almost ready to pick. The sweet peppers are turning yellow and there are lots of super chiles. Sarah tends her crops every day making sure they have enough water and sun. She has big plans for next year when every available sunny space in our tiny yard will be filled with vegetables!

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