December 24-25, 2016 – Pilat Eve and Christmas

After making a lot of food and getting the house decorated we are ready for Pilat Eve and Christmas.  Some pictures from those days –

Our new expanding Xmas tree is up and decorated
Guests arrive and Jon and Rose fill their plates from our two tables of goodies
Sam and Nathan are so ready to open their presents
Jonathan opens a gift
A bottle of wine for Rose and John!
Sam and Nathan are happy with their gift!
Time to gather for the singing of carols
Sarah has picked out selections and we all follow the bouncing ball
Christmas morning with Sarah, John, and me is a much quieter affair

Of course on Christmas morning we have our traditional bagels and lox washed down with  our favorite beers, Schneider Weiss for. Sarah and me and Scheider Aventinus for John.

Picture of Christmas breakfast (12/25/15)

Later we head over for more festivity at Jonathan’s where he has prepared a fabulous dinner including a prime rib, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, pies, and Indian pudding.

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