Mother’s Day – 5/14/17

Yay, it is Mother’s Day and the family is really on top of plans for a lovely day.! Of course most of our celebration involves food because that is how our family rolls. John, Sarah, and I drive over to Jon’s and the munching and reminiscing begins!

First, a family picture, it won’t be too much longer until Nathan is taller than I.


Sarah has made a bacon and cheese quiche and a Swedish tea ring. Both are delicious.

Swedish tea ring

I bring a bowl of fresh fruit and Jon makes chicken liver mousse and pimento cheese.

Fresh fruit and chicken liver mousse and pimento cheese in foreground

I get a gift of fruit tarts from Nathan and Sam that they made from a recipe in their Harry Potter Cookbook.

Fruit tarts by Nathan and Sam

I also get flowers that Sam has picked out and cards from everyone. It is a wonderful day.

Flowers that Sam picked out

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