August 2, 2017 – small change in plans

1) It is really hot in St. George. 2) Our first day’s drive on Friday will take eight hours. 3) These two facts equal we are leaving on our trip on Thursday instead of Friday. We plan to leave after lunch and drive to Lehi, UT which is about three hours away. This will make Friday’s drive to Idaho Falls much more manageable.

While we will not have much time in Lehi, I am interested in seeing an old building that I wrote about ten years ago when we were starting out on Cross Country #1. Here is what I said about the building at the time. “The bank building was very elaborate with an embellished pediment, finials and beautiful windows. Later it was whitewashed and turned into the hospital. You can still see the “Hospital” sign on the side. After a new hospital was built, it fell into disrepair. But there seems to be hope. Workmen and dumpsters are at the site this afternoon.”

Derelict building in Lehi, UT

Well, forget that. John just looked it up on Google Maps and said the lot had been leveled. I do so enjoy living my life virtually. I guess dinner will be our only activity in Lehi. Maybe I will try to dig something else up.

Going back to today, we spent some time running errands but being out in the heat is draining. If it is 105F in the outside air, it must be 125F walking from the car to the store on the hot black asphalt. It is not worth another stop to look for a mechanical pencil.

In the afternoon John tackles the goose poop. He gets it cleaned off but the patio is stained. However that is a problem for another visit. I cut back some riotous foliage and pull some weeds. The columbine out front looks dead. I hope it is just hiding from the heat.

Dinner tonight is at the club. We sit at the bar and have a glass of wine while watching the tennis tournament going on in Washington DC. My dinner choice is a piece of sea bass. It is not overcooked! That is always a pleasant surprise.

Sea bass with asparagus and horseradish mashed potatoes

The day ends with a pleasant chat with my sister, Peggy. It sounds like things are going well with them. We wish each other happy adventures.



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