Tonopah, NV to St. George, UT – 8/1/17

Happy August! It is really warm this morning in Tonopah, probably around 80 early this morning. We bid farewell to the too small, no counter space, scratchy sheeted Mizpah Hotel. I do not think we will be staying here again. Someone thought it would be a good idea to bring back an old time hotel and forgot that people are used to modern conveniences.

Mizpah Hotel on the right

We head off down U.S. 6 which is pretty much deserted and turn on to NV375, the Extra Terrestrial highway, which is also pretty much deserted except for one thing, cows! The cows are open range which means they can meander wherever they like because there are no fences. We have got keep a watchful eye because this morning there are more cows walking hither and yon than we have ever seen. You do not want to hit a cow!

It will take us about five hours to get to St. George. I am on second shift from Warm Springs, NV to Rachel, NV. At Rachel we stop at the Little Al’le’inn to take a picture. The Little A’le’inn is a convenience store/eatery with an ET kind of vibe and a very right wing point of view. We stop out front so that John can get his picture with the resident alien.

John and friend

The drive goes by quickly mostly because you can achieve warp speed on these deserted roads. Before too long we are at Caliente where it is very caliente (about mid 90s mid morning) and fix ourselves up with a half cappuccino half coffee to keep me from nodding off during the last leg. Caliente has a really cool looking railroad station which is no longer in use.

Caliente, NV train station

An hour and a half later and we are traveling down UT18 just south of Veyo when we are met with a sight that always astounds. It is a fabulous view of Snow Canyon State Park. Now we know that we are close to Utah home.

View of Snow Canyon from UT18
Another view

Arriving at the house it seems that nothing is amiss except for a new lot of goose poop and a chirping carbon monoxide detector. We spend the rest of the day doing some food shopping and relaxing.

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