Trip to St. George, UT 11/8/20

Braving the pandemic, John, Jonathan, and I took a trip to St. George and stayed at the villas at Entrada. We stayed here in August when we were escaping the smoke and felt confident that we could enjoy ourselves here without taking undue risks.  The captioned pictures narrate our visit.

View out of our “villa” towards Snow Canyon
Jonathan loves being in St. George
Going to the grocery store and cooking are a couple of our fun events. Here we make a fancy dinner of scallops.

We have managed to pick a very cold week to be in St. George which limits the amount of tennis playing we are doing. But we can go hiking and we have a great time exploring Gold Butte National Monument.

Entering Gold Butte National Monument
John and Jon on a hiking trail at Gold Butte
Mary hiking in Gold Butte
Jon at Whitney Pocket
John peeking out a window
Devil’s Throat is kind of a sink hole and really not much of an interesting sight
This is a new fence that they have put up since we were here last. I guess the land has become more unstable.
One of the sections we had not been able to find in our last trip to Gold Butte was Little Finland, so named due to rock fins. Luckily Jonathan found it for us by climbing up a steep trail which we had not noticed. I could not see all of it because I was afraid of falling but Jon saw the whole thing which he said was quite amazing. This is a picture of John on the way up.
A dragon formation in Little Finland
Going to Harmon’s almost everyday is a special Mom and Jon activity. Here are some meals we made while we were in St. George
Kenwood shrimp – in a Pernod cream sauce
Lamb chops, roasted potatoes, and Brussels sprouts


We did get to play some tennis too as it warmed up as the week progressed. Here is a shot of John.
Finally we had to take a look at our old house. We peeked in the windows this time since there seemed to be no one home. It looks exactly the same like the new people have done nothing in almost two years to personalize it. Here is a picture of Jon near the Indian sculpture by our old house.

We had such a good time! Hopefully we will make another trip with Jon in February or March. Maybe we will be vaccinated by then!!

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