Trip to Malta. 9/21-22/21

We started our trip today which will be a combination of two cruises, one centered around Greece and the other in the Adriatic. Our two flights went smoothly as we connected through Newark on the way to Malta.

Tasty breakfast on United from SFO to EWR

John was looking forward to some good German beer at the Lufthansa lounge during our layover but no alcohol was being served!

John in Newark with empty beer fridge and dry taps

Flying domestically during the pandemic is  pretty much like flying before except you have to wear a mask full time. Luckily both our flights contained no disgruntled passengers and mostly I just had sore ears.  There is a lot of paperwork to be done before traveling internationally and once we reached Malta we had to prove our vaccination status through an app that gives them permission to verify your status and a EU form so they know where you are going and a health declaration. On top of that Viking, the cruise line we are going on, has a rigorous set of protocols and daily testing. Since they have had zero infections since they started up operations again in July, it seems to be working well.

Malta view from our cabin’s balcony
Some Maltese housing along our bus ride to the ship

Tomorrow we start our touring in Malta. Today was mostly taken up with getting unpacked and napping. And of course eating! We had dinner at the Chef’s Table and enjoyed fine cuisine and wine pairings. Our sommelier was someone we had met on our Southeast Asian cruise two years ago and he remembered John! So that was fun.

Interior of Chef’s Table
Menu for the evening

Food pictures!

Everything was really delicious and the service was great! We are off to a great start!

John at dinner
Mary at Chef’s Table

3 thoughts on “Trip to Malta. 9/21-22/21”

  1. You look fabulous in that picture!! And it sounds like this is going to be a great trip! You’re over the annoying stuff, and now you’ll just enjoy. Can’t wait to hear all about it. ????

  2. The eating might not be a problem for you. The food all looked fabulous, but there didn’t seem to be very much of it! ?

  3. The food where we ate the first night is like a small portion tasting menu. It is where we want to eat most nights. Great food, service, and ambiance but hard to get reservations. Handling the eating is a little overwhelming but I figure that it is vacation and if it takes me a few weeks on my “plan” afterwards I know I can do it! (Plus knowing you dealt with it and will be cheering me on helps!)

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