As if there weren’t enough in the world to worry about, the recent disaster in Asia has caused me to search the webpage of the U.S. Geological Survey (www.usgs.gov) for information about tsunamis. Ryan and Jon are leaving for Hawaii today, so in addition to worrying about the flight and the road conditions on the way to airport (it’s raining), I have to consider the possibility of tsunamis in Kauai. Fortunately, I recently saw a program about tsunamis on History’s Mysteries and know that there is a warning system in place for all the Pacific Rim countries.


Being on a diet is all about choices. You always have the free will to choose the better food or to skip it altogether. No one is forcing the food down your throat. It is your rational being making the choice for immediate gratification over long term benefit. Stop being a victim and whining about how everyone is undermining your effort! You are only fooling yourself.


When I was a junior in high school, my English teacher, Miss O’Connor, always posted a word for the day. We were called on randomly to give a definition. It didn’t matter whether you knew the word or not; you had to come up with some sort of definition. The next day, you were called on again to give the correct definition. In addition to knowing the Word for the Day, you were also responsible for the definitions of all the words around it. It was a great vocabulary builder.

Miss O’Connor was very memorable. Before Jenny Joseph’s poem, “Warning*,” caused millions of American women to feel they had the right to wear purple, she was wearing it. Plus, she was brutally honest, probably the only teacher I ever had who would have told me, “Mary, sometimes you are less than charming.”
*(for a copy of the poem see http://www.barbados.org/poetry/wheniam.htm)

This section of my blog is dedicated to her.

Today’s word comes from “The New York Times Sunday Crosswords,” Vol. 21, edited by Eugene T. Maleska

nyctophobia – an abnormal fear of the night or darkness

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