This is actual more like a musing. Many years ago, our good friend Barry wanted us to meet a friend of his. The last name of this guy was Golini. Now, since we liked Barry, we were inclined to like his friend. But we did not. Assuming that this must be some shortcoming of our own, we gave him a second try, wiping the slate clean. We still didn’t like him. We tried again. Same result. To this day, when someone in our family tries a second or third time to like something that they didn’t the first time, it is called “doing a Golini.” It might go like this – I had roasted beets in a salad the other day and really didn’t like them, but I see them on the menu and I guess I’ll do a Golini on them.”

What this has to do with anything is this. I am a good sport but not a good sailor. But I thought, okay, I’ve tried being on a boat before and it hasn’t worked out well but I’ll do a Golini on it. Today I sailed from Marco Island to Key West. At the end of the leg there, I had done the Golini and wanted to rent a car and drive back. After the first 30 minutes there was nothing to see but sky and water, I got burnt on the way there and froze on the way back. My stomach was upset and it was a noisy and jolting ride. People love to do this, what am I missing?

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