Many years ago when I was ranting to some counselor about a planned trip that my daughter’s band was going to take from Raleigh to New York City and all the things that could go wrong, he said to me, “can you imagine how life would be if everything went right?” Wow, is this hard for me to do. Today we went to the beach and we were supposed to pay $4 to park. But no one was there to take our money so we just went ahead and parked. The whole time we were on the beach I fretted about , what if we get a ticket, what if they tow our car, and what if we couldn’t leave the parking lot because it was after-hours. So instead of enjoying a lovely sunset, I was embroiled in this pointless inner dialogue. When we got back to the parking lot the car was where we had left it, there was no ticket and the automatic arm on the exit went right up. A lot of needless worrying was done. Imagine how life would be if everything went right.

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