Have you ever noticed that there are two kinds of people – the on -time people and the late people? What is it about the on-time people that makes them feel so upset by the late people? And what is it that makes the late people think that the on-time people are anal fussbudgets? Here, I think, is one of those great divides between people. I am an on- time person. I don’t understand late people at all. Isn’t being on time merely being polite and considerate? Yet, I must admit on-time-ed-ness has some strange ramifications. Why do I set the alarm every morning at 6 AM even though I have nowhere to go? Why in my effort to be on time do I invariably arrive early? My kids say that if I say I’ll meet them between 12:30 and 1, I really mean 12:25. In fact, in order to be comfortable with John’s kind of on-time-ness, I’ll suggest leaving a half hour earlier than I am really want. We on-time people have a lot of stress.

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