On Sunday, like so many other Americans, I watched the Super Bowl. It was the first football game I’ve watched this season. Here are some of my thoughts about it.

I don’t understand why people get so rabid over “their” team. It’s a game. It’s really got nothing to do with you or your self-esteem. Are you some how better because you live in New England now that the Patriots won? Probably you’re just cold.

What’s with the stupid dancing in the end zone or after a play? My brother-in-law, Gary, suggests that points be taken away if you blatantly celebrate. Not a fine. Points. That way, your teammates would be mad at you, the coach would be mad at you, and the fans would go berserk. No way anyone would do it twice. In tennis, if a player is unsportsman-like more than once, he loses points. I think it would work. Good idea, Gary.

I have got to say I loved Paul McCartney. Yeah, he didn’t grab his crotch or pull off anyone’s costume. And he can’t hit the high notes like he used to. But still, he was my favorite Beatle and I think he did a good job.

And finally, I heard on Monday that the second ad for was pulled because, in this brave new world of morality police, it was considered too racy. They’ve probably garnered more attention by the removal of the ad than they would have otherwise. Does anyone even know what they were selling? FYI, is a vendor of Web site names. You have to get attention somehow.

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