TODAY’S OBSERVATION (totally non-controversial)

We were in the Mojave Desert yesterday. Since we’ve been there a lot, we know what it normally looks like. Pretty much brown and dry with some sage, manzanita, Joshua trees, and cacti. But there has been one heck of a lot of rain in the southwest and the desert is blooming. In fact, I heard that the amount of blooming is a once in a lifetime event. The seeds have lain on the desert floor dormant waiting for the rain. Sometimes for years and years. But this year the Mojave is covered with intensely gold flowers and light yellow ones along the verge. The Joshua trees have large white blooms. The cacti are about ready to break out into their vibrant reds, pinks and yellows. In the Virgin River Gorge, every crack in the rock has abundant grasses. It’s really amazing. Also amazing is the amount of giant bugs that manage to get squished on your windshield and front grill. You have to stop every hundred miles and clean them off or you can’t see the road.

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