(Note: Last week I was taken to task by one of my ardent readers for wasting my time worrying. I realize that not all of my entries are worries and will try to reflect that in my subject headings.)

I heard on the radio that about fifty percent of Americans were serving ham for Easter dinner. Why ham? So I asked myself, WWJE? Well, Jesus sure wasn’t going to be eating ham since pork products are against Jewish dietary law. John and I, as is our wont, had a lengthy discussion about this. I took the position that ham was a break with the old convenant that followed kosher laws. So that the eating of ham is a symbolic gesture. John countered that it was more likely that a pig had been slaughtered in the autumn and cured over the winter making it a good choice for a spring dinner. From there we discussed the use of lamb as a spring festival dinner entree. At Passover, lamb is traditionally eaten. In fact, a lamb shank is put on the seder plate as a reminder of the blood of the lamb which was smeared on the doorposts of the Hebrews so the Angel of Death would pass over their houses when dealing out the final plague. Maybe lamb is too Old Testament for Easter.

I don’t know why people eat whatever but at our house we always had turkey for Easter. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter it was our festive food of choice.

And you thought I wasted my time worrying.

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