Do you remember when flying somewhere was part of the exciting adventure of going on vacation? Now it’s about the last thing you look forward to. Yesterday we flew crosscountry with a change of planes in Nashville. Although we had to go through the usual shedding of clothing and shoes at security, the lines were not too long and everything was pretty efficient. We flew Southwest and I just have to say, why can’t they give out seat assignments? It would make the whole Southwest experience so much less stressful. We had the new planes with their tipped up wings and new uncomfortable seats which fit 12 year olds perfectly. Since our first flight was four hours they had to feed us something. Has Southwest been reading the news? Americans are fat and we need to do something about it! Apparently, Southwest feels what to do is to squish us into narrow seats and then feed us cookies, cheese crackers and gummy bears. A little counterproductive don’t you think?

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