Tonight, Jon’s band, Hookslide, is singing on the mall in Washington D.C. as special guests of America Sings! Tomorrow they are singing at Lincoln Center in NYC. I want to wish them the very best and Dad and I wish we could have been there. I see that their groupies are making lots of positive comments so Spin Tour 2005 must be going well.

Also good wishes to our nephew, Andrew, who graduated from the University of Florida School of Engineering today. He’s been accepted at UF as a graduate student in Electrical Engineering and has landed a TA position. Yay, Andy.

Finally, happy birthday and good wishes to John’s dad, Ed, who turned 92 today. Another yay! for excellent genes.

And what are the chances that all these things would happen on April 29? It never rains but it pours. Today I needed the Star Trek transporter so I could be everywhere!

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