It is alleged by my family that I do something that drives them nuts. I admit I am guilty as charged. My sin is that I play a head game with them called “Guess the Right Answer.” Here’s the way it works. For instance, I ask someone what they want to do or a give a choice of things we could do. My position is that I do not have a preference. Secretly though, I do have a preference but I want to give them the chance to make me happy by guessing the right answer. One time I said, “let’s go up to Napa and go wine tasting and we can either stop over night if we feel like it or drive back home the same day. Either way is fine with me.” So there was a fifty-fifty chance that John would choose let’s stay over and that would have made me very happy. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong answer and I was disappointed. See what a fun game this is? I am trying very hard to stop doing this because I play this game way too much; from what do you want to have for dinner to where do you want to take a vacation. I realize now that everyone is much happier if I just say what I want to do. And that includes me.

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